How to receive payments?

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I have recently made an account on Payoneer and when my friend tries to send money to me, he is unable to do so. What steps exactly do I have to take before I am able to receive money from other users?

Do I need to order the card first? Or is is possible to receive funds without having a card?

My goal is to simply receive the payment and directly withdraw it to my bank account. Is this possible at all?

Thanks in advance!


  • LgrensLgrens Member Posts: 3
    A little extra information: My currency is EUR and his currency is USD

    I have tried contacting support by the way, but it has been 8 days and still no responses, Live chat has also been unavailable all the time and at the moment it is not even possible to reach the support centre as stated in another forum post.
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    godbless you
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    > @sherwin said:
    > godbless you

    That does not really help... But thanks I guess...
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    How can I get my refund? Transaction I.D :13C59352EJ783074X
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