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Hi ,
I am from Egypt.
I have got USD currency prepaid Mastercard and euro funds in my payoneer account .It means I can't withdraw Money with my card directly. My main question is can I change currency from EURO to USD in my Payoneer account?



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    I have the same problem, and I sent several messages to Support, but with no response
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    The Euro and USD balances are separate and there isn't any way to convert between them at this time. In some cases you would be able to have a separate card for each balance.

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    Same here. I have euro balance and receive usd currency mastercard
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    The option to order a Euro card will become available in your account once you have earned your first 50 Euro's. There is no fee for ordering the card, however we do require our users to become active in receiving payouts in Euro before the card is ordered. Keep in mind that even before you order or activate the card, the default option for accessing your pay will be to order your balance to your local bank.