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Card blocked after reporting fraudulent WEBSITE

jaunis Member Posts: 4
I sent an email to Payoneer about a transaction made by me that turned up to be a fraudulent website. The payment method was secure just the guy at the other end of the transaction wouldn't do his part of the deal.

Next thing I know my card is BLOCKED. I am traveling in a week and was left card-less (that's my only card) because of them not asking for any type of confirmation.

Is this normal? This is the first time I seriously think on getting an account somewhere else. Their customer service is not only slow but also pretty careless when it comes to making changes to people's accounts.

And since I can't ship the card anywhere else apart from my "billing address", I am not unable to use my Payoneer (did I say ONLY CARD) for a whole month and a half.



  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 83

    Once the card's details have been shared with a fraudulent website, its not safe to leave it open anymore. Payoneer has to block it immediately. At this point Payoneer will offer to send you a replacement card. I understand the inconvenience but I'm sure you wouldn't want someone accessing your hard earned funds. In many cases, Payoneer is able to offer expedited shipping for an added fee, in which case you'll get the card within 7 business days. Reach out to the Support Center if you think that solution could work for you.

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