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USD Balance dissappeared from account

mattbaldanza Member Posts: 2

Yesterday, after making a withdrawal from the ATM, I came home to check my balance and discovered that the USD balance, payment history, etc. has dissappeared from my account!

It only shows balance in GBP and EUR (both in zero).

I tried reaching out to support via Chat (after almost an hour waiting, no response) and email (no response 24 hours later.)

The card, however, still has funds, as I was able to make two purchases (one yesterday and one today) without any issues. So I'm guessing that maybe they are making some change in the interface and this is a bug.

Today I saw that at least two people have posted with a similar issue.


  • mattbaldanza
    mattbaldanza Member Posts: 2

    I'm posting this because there might be others who found the same issue:

    Payoneer added GBP and EUR balances, if you want to see the balance and transactions of your USD Prepaid Mastercard, you should click on the list box at the top showing EUR and click below on your Mastercard Debit Card.

    This will show your balance and transactions.

    I'm not sure if I'm too obtuse, or this is a poor UX decision. :-)
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    [Deleted User] Posts: 218
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