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Can't link card or bank account to Paypal

rednavi Member Posts: 1
So I received my new card a few days ago, which replaced my old card that expired this month and I so far I was unable to link either the bank accounts or the card to my paypal account at all.

I have two bank accounts under the US tab as seen here (One of them is the old one, dunno why I have two now)

Neither of them worked when I tried to link a bank account to my paypal (That also means I unlinked the first bank account to link the second and when it didn't work I tried to link back the first one and it returned the same error). All I get is a "Sorry, we are not able to process your request. Please try again later." warning.

Next I tried to link the payoneer card which I was also able to do years ago without problem with my first payoneer card. Now I instead get a "This card is not accepted. Please use a different card." warning.

I've seen one other person talking about this and saying how it would be fixed by receiving money in the payoneer account at least once but the problem is I only get paid in paypal and there's no way to send a payment request to a paypal account directly (I even tried sending a request to my own paypal) so what do i do now? I activated the card as usual and all and nothing seems off on my user account.