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10 000 lost while sending a cash amount to friend

dpdev Member Posts: 1
I am kind of getting aggravated with the Payoneer support in handling a bug that has happened to my account while using the send a payment service.

The issue occurred while I was sending money to a friend, and a message was shown just under the form that said "general error", so I thought that the money didn't get sent... then I tried a few more amounts (about 3 more times), so after that I decided to wait a bit for the issue to get resolved. After some time I logged into my account and there was like 10 K USD missing and more 10 x transactions made, it turned out that my friend only received 3 transactions and the rest is somehow missing.

I've contacted the Payoneer support multiple times via a direct call and live chat, but for the main support ticket I still haven't got any kind of status update, they are saying that it is expedited and that their development department will review the bug.

It's getting ridiculous, at first it was said that they will resolve the issue in 48 hours and it has been weeks now, I have money missing and don't have any other options than to bug their support every day until they resolve this and I get my money back.

Anyone experience similar issues, and how long did it take to get resolved?


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