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My withdrawal of 3000 GBP is on hold from 05-04-2017 till now. Frustrating !!!

xeroneit Member Posts: 4
edited April 2017 in Ask The Community
I am really feeling very worried and that's why i am writing here.

I gave a withdrawal of 3000 GBP and after one day i got email that my withdrawal is on hold as the bank account is on other name. I am asked to fill a form. I just filled the form and submit it.

But after passing some days i didn't get any update. I called their support, talked to an agent , and i am convinced that everything is fine, you will get your money with in 2 days.

But after that i got again the email containing to fill the form. I again filled it. Then after one hour i got the same email again from autosupport. And this time i have again submit the form. Just after an hour i got an email from their customer care that, until i give them the information and fill the form, my withdrawal can't be processed.

I replied back that i have filled this from several times and also provide the information in the email. But then no reply back from their support.

I get frustrated and go for a live chat. I asked the agent to either cancel my withdraw or process it. But i want my money back as soon as possible. The support agent promised me, you will get an update with in few business days.

I am really getting frustrated as my money on hold more than 12 days now. I am fallen in a loop of submitting form.

If it is not possible to process the withdraw then simply cancel it and back my money in my payoneer account. How many days i need to wait ? Or i will not get my money back ?

I will be really glad if anyone from Payoneer can help me to sorted out this issue soon. It would be really appreciated.

Date of withdrawal : 05th April, 2017
Amount of withdrawal : 3000 GBP
Payment ID No. 41370494

Best Regards


  • Adam_Payoneer
    Adam_Payoneer Administrator Posts: 1,021 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Normally when you are withdrawing funds from your Payoneer account to your bank there is no hassle as it is a clear cut case of a Payoneer user withdrawing money to their personal bank account.

    The moment you throw in someone else's bank account details into the mix, additional information may be requested to verify the request.
    There isn't any insight i can share on why this would take over 10 days, however as long as you are communicating with someone from Payoneer then you can be rest assured that they will handle your request as soon as possible.

    Today is still considered the weekend by the banks, so even if you request was received and processed, the confirmation of the transfer would not be received until tomorrow.

    Happy and willing to answer general questions.

    For any inquiries directly associated to your Payoneer account, please contact Payoneer's Customer Care Support Center.

  • xeroneit
    xeroneit Member Posts: 4
    Hi Adam,

    I really appreciate your help. Thank you very much. I hope my problem will be sorted out very soon.

    It's my guess, not sure that the form is provided by the payoneer to fill about the bank account owner has some bug. May be it's not submitted properly.

    Anyway the support person i talked by live chat is a nice person and promised me to help. I just get worried as many days passed , that's why i wrote it here.

    I hope everything will be fine.

    Best Regards
  • xeroneit
    xeroneit Member Posts: 4
    Now i am really worried about my money. I just got the same email that i got may be more than 5 times . And every time i have filled it.

    Atleast please cancel my withdrawal and give my money back to my payoneer account.

    Please help.
  • xeroneit
    xeroneit Member Posts: 4
    Recent Update :

    Yes , Just i have got the confirmation email that my withdrawal is approved . :smile: .

    Hopefully the money will be transferred to bank account tomorrow.

    I am really glad and thank you very much for the kind help. I want to give special thanks to @marissa , you are really awesome. Awesome support from you.

    Thank you very much Payoneer Team :smile: