9-Digit Routing Number

how to get payoneer 9-Digit Routing Number ?


  • Yasar
    Yasar Member Posts: 39 ✭✭

    Thanks for being here with us...
    Please follow these steps to get your 9 digit Routing Number.
    1. Log into your Payoneer account.
    2. Under the Receive Menu, click on Global Payment Service.
    3. In Global Payment Service page, you'll get your Payoneer Routing Number & other details..

    Hope this helps.. If you have any further question then please reply here again.

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  • sqengineerjb9
    sqengineerjb9 Member Posts: 1
    I cannot login Global payment service
  • omotayod08
    omotayod08 Member Posts: 1
    Yes it was very helpful
  • QUAV
    QUAV Member Posts: 1
    hello,Duddy, how do you find the routing number and account number at the end?
  • shekolokobangoshe
    shekolokobangoshe Member Posts: 2
    > @L1F3 said:
    > Isn't the routing number of a particular branch one?
    > If so, save us the Payoneer frustration by offering it to us here:
    > The steps given here are no longer relevant.
    > Payoneer has changed stuff, and they expect you to receive a huge sum of money before they can activate global payment service.
    > But how will you quickly receive such a sum when they have shut your only door?
    > Am I wrong?
    > Please correct me.
    > I want the routing number; but there is no answer from customer care.

    I am with you 💯