Recovery from a blocked Account

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I opened up my payoneer account in 2011, I received the card but I lost it , soon after I'd received it. I knew very little about payment service back then, so I couldnt recover it. My account is blocked now. How can I reopen my account and get a new card ? I contacted payoneer support 3 days ago but still no response about that !! What do I do now, can I open another account with different email ?


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    no one is helping out, I want to know if its a problem for payooner to open multiple account with same details ( but with different email). I opened an account last year, but I hv never received my card. Hence, the account was blocked few mnths later. I tried a lot to contact payoneer (replying to automted email) support from that email but to no avail, they DIDNT even respond.
    Then few days ago I opened another account with the same bank,address. Its been 3 business days, there's no sign of activation, even NO reply to my query !!!