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i have crated payoneer account since 2016 . its already gone a year. i have received master card. but i didn't activate thats card . it still in my hand.. now i want to activate this card. here is my question is if i activate it now can it carge from me? if charge how much it is? i am forget that i put it there my other bank account here in bagladesh in this payoneer account.. if i linked other account in this account is it charg from my other account if i activate it now ? suppose i have dutch bangla account, if i linkd it with payonner then if i activate payonner master card now is it will be charge from dutch bangla? i am not sure i linked or not.so that i am afraid..


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    > @Aaron_Payoneer said:
    > Any fees associated with your account are deducted from the available balance on your Payoneer account. If you have not been active in using your account yet, fees will apply only once you start becoming active with your account.

    if i acitivate now how much does it may cost? May i have idea?
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    You can view the full list of the fees associated with your card by clicking the "Pricing & Fees" link, located under the "Help" menu, on your "Payoneer Account".

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