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Charging customers in desired currency - A simple question

SloAnt Member Posts: 1
First and foremost, I apologize to the admins I've previously selected "discussion" instead of "question" :blush:

Now to my issue:

I am really confused with everything I've read and seen on my account, forums, support etc.
Most of the time I think I got it figured out, but then I find a statement or two here and get confused again.

And I have few simple questions:

Do I have to charge my clients in their own local currency, or can I choose any of the currencies enabled on my account regardless from which country the client is?
Example 1: Client from UK (local GBP), I want him to pay me in EUR!
Example 2: Client from Ireland (local EUR), I want him to pay me in GBP!
Example 3: Client from USA (local USD), I want him to pay me in EUR!
Clients accept, BUT:
* Is this allowed by Payoneer?!!

Cheers & Thanks in advance

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