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How do you get paid from airbnb if payoneer will not help

sparkey Member Posts: 4
I was paid by airbnb to payoneer for two month I have called to be told they are to busy to take my call
There card simply does not work even thowhen payoneer says I have 582.00 dollars they refuse to give me access to it
Wells Fargo whom I have been with sense1970 has declined it they ask me to go to another atm it was decline there as well
I am finding that that meen nothing to them we got your money
Who do you talk with to get paid
Then who do I speak with to cancel the account
I have gotten better logic out of a fifth grader
I have given them several options send me a check if you cannot get this card to work
Wire it to my account at payoneer expense
Being they can not get the card to work
Well I still have nothing
Never do business with airbnb or payoneer