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Hi, I just moved to pyoneer for my work payments, I used their US global payment service to receive payments from my clients, my first payment was transferred to my payoneer US global payment account on Thursday 4th May, but till now that payment is not reflecting in my payoneer account, does anyone know what might be the issue and usually how long it takes the payment to show up in your payoneer account?

I am a highly paid enterprise application architect and have few precious clients, if I don't get this resolved by next week I might need to move back to other means of payment, these kind of delays can cause serious issues with my client, so please help.


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    Thought US payment needs minimum 2-3 business days to show in Account .Does your Client have a Payoneer Account or they Sent from their Bank to your Virtual BOA Account !

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    They transferred it from their company account to my payoneer global payment account, it should be an ach transfer, and no they don't have payoneer account
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    What transfer method was used by the sender of the funds?

    When utilizing Payoneer's payment receiving services, at times you will need to match the right payment method to the client. The Global Payment Service details for instance can only be used to receive payments from companies based inside the United States. If the sender of the funds in your thread was a company, the next question that needs to be asked is what transfer type did they use?

    The collection bank account details can only be used to receive localized transfer. If the sender used a form of wire to deposit the funds to a physical bank location, this would explain why the payment will not be received and will eventually return to the sender.

    To know the basic do and don'ts of the Global Payment Service, I recommend you check out the Global Payment Service blog.

    If you are planning to work with individual clients mainly, I would recommend you check out Payoneer's Billing Service to see how you can send email payment requests to your clients.

    To learn about all the different methods you can utilize to collect your pay through Payoneer, click here.

    Happy and willing to answer general questions.

    For any inquiries directly associated to your Payoneer account, please contact Payoneer's Customer Care Support Center.

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    My company is a local US company and they used ACH transfer to the US dollar bank that was listed under Global payment service section of my account. How long these kind of payments take to show up on your system, does the ACH transfers immediately show up or takes time and if so how much time.

    its very unclear how you guys are actually operating, if ACH transfer to global payment service account is not a viable option or you know that it has issue, then why this option exist for users on the first place.
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    I used the US global payment service to receive my first payment. It was transferred to my Payoneer US global payment account on Wednesday 12th December, but till now that payment is not reflecting in my Payoneer account, does anyone know what might be the issue and usually how long it takes the payment to show up in the Payoneer account?
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    and the amount involved here is about $48,942.00
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    Hi @Eldred. We can see that you already contacted our support team today and was advised about your payment. Please follow the instructions provided to you.

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