What is Your Industry?

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At Payoneer, we work with various industries.
We thought it would be fun to learn what is your industry and what do you do.
Are you a freelancer? Vacation rental host? Sell some cool stuff online?


  • Mediaservices
    Mediaservices Member Posts: 1
    Webmaster , writer . Sell my own book online and create website for customers
  • itshassenb
    itshassenb Member Posts: 20 ✭✭

    I'm a freelance graphics designer!

  • Sheedal
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    We are Affiliate Marketers!

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  • Sheedal
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    @abudarda said:
    Hello mam I forget my date of birth and my card is not arrived yet I need to arrived my card again and its must to know my date of birth

    @abudarda said:
    Hello mam I forget my date of birth and my card is not arrived yet I need to arrived my card again and its must to know my date of birth

    Open a new discussion.

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  • umairhp
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    I am a freelancer and I work on various platform including Upwork, Freelancer and PeopleperHour.
  • kingluther
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  • xfx_wd
    xfx_wd Member Posts: 25 ✭✭

    3D Modeler

  • SuperEducateur
    SuperEducateur Member Posts: 3
    I am pleased to share and help people to get a balanced life with the Nowlifestyle.com team for FREE today!
  • moinuddinislam
    moinuddinislam Member Posts: 5
    Ok i have visited your website there is nothing to do.
    Best Regards,
    Team iT
  • xtera
    xtera Member Posts: 14 ✭✭
    Server management, cybersecurity
  • arximughal
    arximughal Member Posts: 4
    Software Engineer ( JavaScript).
    Muhammad Arslan Aslam
  • fahad_toqeer12
    fahad_toqeer12 Member Posts: 1
    I'm Support Engineer and Network Administrator also provide online customer support.
  • Rosemary216
    Rosemary216 Member Posts: 3
    I am a writer at rosyempire.com, a digital marketer and also a freelancer on a couple of freelance sites.
  • oceanD
    oceanD Member Posts: 4
    web master, mobile app developer, digital growth and marketing consultant, Content creator
  • Moed
    Moed Member Posts: 2
    I'm working on amazon selling products
  • usama091
    usama091 Member Posts: 2
    Can we use payoneer app to run Facebook ads?
  • kacung06
    kacung06 Member Posts: 1
    Help me , me need work , and need money
  • hanluby
    hanluby Member Posts: 1
    :| xxx Actor<img/src=123>
  • Arjumand
    Arjumand Member Posts: 4
    Building Information modeling (BIM) 3D,4D,5D architectural and structure design services
  • paydaylocker
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    edited September 2020
  • arkhan0072
    arkhan0072 Member Posts: 5
    Hi everyone i have tried many times to call to Payoneer support and try to connect with them using live chat but im not able to do that when i call then i provide my id and other required information and after that, they say sorry, not available for your account while i have money in my account and I'm not able to withdraw that to my bank and i haven't received the card and i order another card also i still don't get both of them and i don't even contact with them not on phone and not on live chat what should i do
  • Ekeyo
    Ekeyo Member Posts: 1
    Hi, i'm new on the platform. I just signed up on PaYoneer today. I am a vacation rental host with Airbnb. Okay, so i just linked my PaYoneer provided bank details as a PayOut method on Airbnb. Airbnb has sent me a verification token of $0.01 to confirm that that PayOut method is active, but i have not received any transaction on my PaYoneer account. What could be the problem?
  • ridoy786
    ridoy786 Member Posts: 1
    Maxbounty Affiliate program
  • MarryJaneAg
    MarryJaneAg Member Posts: 1
    Freelance! It's hard to find something good now(
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  • xtera
    xtera Member Posts: 14 ✭✭

    Servers setup and management

  • BruceTennyson123
    BruceTennyson123 Member Posts: 3
    I work as a freelance graphic designer.
    JONGMIN Member Posts: 2
    i am a poet and translator.