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Is it possible to get payment from Upwork by providing My Payoneer Global Payment service details

annabd Member Posts: 1

I know that Upwork (the freelance marketplace) is one of your biggest partners. When someone has a Payoneer account, the most convenient and common way for him/her to get paid from Upwork is to link the Payoneer account to the Upwork account. In this way, per transaction costs $2 which is charged by Upwork. I know this thing well.

My question is it possible to get payment from Upwork by providing the Payoneer Global Payment service details? Upwork has one payment method called "Direct to U.S. Bank". To get paid by this method someone needs to provide his/her bank details (bank name, account name, account number, routing number etc.) to Upwork and they send the fund using ACH transfer. This method is free of cost. Upwork doesn't charge anything for this. According to Upwork, someone needs to have a bank account in the US to get paid using this method.

As, the global payment service of Payoneer enables someone to receive payments from companies worldwide - as if he/she has a local bank account in those countries, I need to know if it's possible to get paid from Upwork using this service.

Please answer me accurately by being sure about the thing.


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