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BOOKOKO Member Posts: 2
Hi All,
Needing your assistance. (05.10.17) First & foremost, the initial experience with Payoneer was pleasant, up UNTIL a few hours ago. Before I joined you, I read some blogs and I told myself that some "complaints" & issues could just be an exaggeration. BUT NOW, I am saying that it is 99% true. I made an error in judgment. My fault.
I admire the initial support I was getting, although there are things that I should have reviewed before I jump in- it’s my responsibility. The last call I had with your agent was THE WAKEUP call for me- it’s when you get an answer with a hint of "disdain" from support. So my concern was and will probably be somebody else’s too in the future, my client was asked to send documents ( e.g. front and back image of the card, driver's license, bank statement showing the deduction? etc ) and he complied ( eventhough he finds it strange AND I find it disturbing ). BUT because of the TRUST and relationship I had with my clients, he send the documents. AFTERWARDS, my client received notification from payoneer saying that the documents were in low quality resolution. Client asked me to verify. I called payoneer to verify, and talked to a polite gentleman Jason and was advised PDF is OK. SCAN COPY OK. NO PROBLEM. Client resend the document and client asked me to verify receipt. I called support to verify receipt, talked to a nice and accommodating lady named Cecilia and was advised that takes 15 minutes to refresh. OK. Called again after an hour. Talked to an agent who seemed distracted, TOLD ME PDF NOT OK. SCAN NOT OK. NOT ACCEPTED. The guy even advised that my clients will go through the PROCESS??? saying it in such a way as if he lording over. UNTIL, now, I haven't received any updates if the documents were received. The first gentleman explained to me that it is random, but the second gentleman TOLD ME IT IS NOT- is it because of my location? PLEASE ADVISE IF THIS IS TRUE that ALL MY CLIENTS NEED TO SEND "those" documents BEFORE payments will be cleared. IF IT IS, that all clients has to go through this pain because I am from the Philippines, I think this service deserved a review.
05/11/2017. I called Payoneer today to check and follow-up. I was advised that there has been an error in receiving the documents (the second email from client). I called the client and inform to resend (third time, third try). AFTERWHICH I called support to verify receipt and was told image resolution is not clear. AGAIN? I have the copy of the documents. I CAN READ IT. WHICH DOCUMENTS ARE THEY REFERRING TO?? WAS IT FROM THE FIRST TRY? The second batch? The third? I wouldn’t know. Do we have system to see this?
Payment should be the least of our worries. We already close the deal. Client OK’d with the charge. A done deal. Am I wrong to choose Payoneer over the provider I have been using? I think I went greedy thinking my penny pinching would do good to the business, instead it resulted to wasting my time making a follow-up, and clients’ frustrations. Will this be resolved? I wouldn’t know. Do you guys have suggestions? PLEASE HELP


    BOOKOKO Member Posts: 2
    This has been resolved. Thank you to the supervisor who resolved the concern. As per loader: the guy went out of his way by letting him fax the documents instead of uploading it which the client has some technical issues. AWESOME! Whoever you are! You saved the day!