RaffaYyRaffaYy Posts: 3Member
Can bank accounts provided by Payoneer for receiving funds be added to my Paypal account to withdraw Paypal funds?


  • Jason_PayoneerJason_Payoneer Posts: 106Administrator ✭✭

    Yes, you can use the US Payment Service details as a virtual US bank account and add it to PayPal.

  • brainyjuliusbrainyjulius Posts: 1Member
    Hello Jason, after adding the bank to paypal, how do i get the paypal confirmation code?
  • mosta2mosta2 Posts: 2Member
    Hello Jason, according to my experience and other readings on internet, it is not possible I tried to add the checking bank information to paypal and it never works
    how would you say this is possible, may be it is only possible if you have USA paypal account?
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