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Never Choose PAYONEER-Its Fraud

atif9212 Member Posts: 2
I'm a freelancer and choose PAYONEER to withdraw money to my local bank account which was worst decision, Payoneer Worked fine for few months but when i withdraw a big sum of USD my account get hacked and all my money transferred to hacker account, I instantly Email to Payoneer on this issue but got no reply, than i called at their Telephone number and their representative gave me a lolly pop Complaint tracking ID, Till now i make several reminders to Payoneer but get no response, I would Strongly recommend to everyone to never choose Payoneer because

1- There are hundreds of Payoneer Account hacked victims
2- Hacking Payoneer Account is a kids play [Just google "How to hack payoneer account and see"]
3- There is no customer care service by payoneer
4- I think Payoneer is made for hacking purpose and earning black money rather providing financial services
5- Payoneer is Team of Hackers

F**K Payoneer