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Working and Non-Working ATMs in Islamabad/RWP/Wah/Taxilla/HassanAbdal

Sufism2 Member Posts: 9
Due to recent decline in working ATMs for withdrawal from Payoneer cards, please use this topic to report any ATM in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Taxilla, Hassan Abdal or Wah/Wah Cantt. that you have used. Even if it failed to work, kindly do share it's location and failure reason. This list will hopefully, tremendously help Payoneer users who are searching for working ATM's in this area.

Format should be;

ATM Bank Name and location
Result (Success or Error)
Date of Test
Optionally: Error shown
Optionally: Rates charged if successful.

Thank you.


  • Sufism2
    Sufism2 Member Posts: 9
    Bank AlFalah - Lalarukh Colony Chowk, Wah Cantt.
    Error p(something).
    May 2017