I have balance on my Payonner account but 0.00 EUR on card

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Hi, I'm having an issues with my Payoneer card, I cannot use it for payments and on ATM because there are no funds available on the card but there are in the account. Can you please tell me how to load the funds on the card so that I can use it or do I need another card for EUR currency :'( . Thanks


  • Ruth_13Ruth_13 Posts: 2Member
    Iam having the same problem too
  • Ruth_13Ruth_13 Posts: 2Member
    somebody help
  • Jason_PayoneerJason_Payoneer Posts: 106Administrator ✭✭

    The card initially issued is a USD card. To access funds in other currencies you will need cards programmed to that currency and connected to that balance. From the drop-down menu at the top of the page from your Payoneer account, select the card balance for which you want to order a card and click on "Order Card". After entering your shipping address and confirming your account details, your card order will be processed and you will receive a confirmation email for the order.

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    Experiencing the same challenge. Please assist. I have funds on my account but on the card it says $0.00. The account and card are both in US$. How do I load funds from my account to Mastercard?
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    Pls help..this is the issue I have too...I have funds on my account but not on the card...I've been paid via the same Us payment service and I have a mastercard but there's no money on it.but there is however some money in the balance
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    yeah the money are both in usd balance dan @payoneer
  • dereklejm123dereklejm123 Posts: 5Member
    what are we to do plss help
  • dereklejm123dereklejm123 Posts: 5Member
    pls my funds on usd balance is not reflecting in my usd prepaid master card why and i am a verified
    pls help me out plssss am starving plssss
  • dereklejm123dereklejm123 Posts: 5Member
    pls help my usd balance shows $107 and my master card show $3 i cant make withdrawals at the moment why what have i done wrong helpppp
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