How can I pay a freelancer on Upwork with my Payoneer debit card?

ccreyes87ccreyes87 Member Posts: 2
Hi everybody,

I've added my Payoneer debit card to my PayPal account to make payments to one freelancer I'm working with on Upwork but every time I try to send him a payment I get an error message on Upwork. This is the message: "Due to technical difficulties, we are unable to charge your card now, please try again in few minutes." I've tried several times for two weeks to use the funds I have earned from the Amazon's affiliate program but still, I can't use the funds I have to pay my freelancer. I also tried to add the Payoneer debit card directly to Upwork to make payments but Upwork's message is that they don't accept prepaid cards as a form of payment. Does anyone has had these problems? Have you managed to use your Payoneer debit card to make payments on Upwork? Thanks in advance for your kind attention.
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