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Multiple currencies in one account and withdrawal charges

hamzamanzoor Member Posts: 1

I have money in 3 different currencies (USDs, Pounds and Euros) on PeoplePerHour. Since I have to withdraw a lot of money, therefore, I am looking at the cheapest option.

Can you please answer my following questions

1. How much charges will I have to pay on withdrawing from PeoplePerHour?
2. Can I withdraw from PeoplePerHour in 3 different currencies and have them in 3 currencies on Payoneer as well? Or will Payoneer convert them into one single currency?
3. If Payoneer converts them into one single currency, what will be the charges of conversion?
4. What will be charges of withdrawal of USDs? Of Euros and of Pounds?
5. What is the best way of withdrawing that money from Payoneer to Pakistan? I believe bank transfer is the way to go for the amount of money I want to withdraw.
6. What will be the charges of withdrawal from Payoneer to Pakistani bank account?
7. Can I withdraw from Payoneer in USD and let my bank do the conversion?
8. If I let Payoneer do the conversion from USD to Pakistani rupee on withdrawal, what is the fee?

I will really appreciate your help.


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