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Multiple Accounts

Lasanya Member Posts: 1
Hi everyone. I contacted payoneer customer care few times, but I didn't get the answer I want. I thought of posting it here.

Here is the issue. Many years back I had a payoneer account fed with my details to withdraw money from a fiverr account which was maintained by me and a friend of mine. Now I don't use that fiverr account and that payoneer account. Recently I created a new fiverr account and also a payoneer account. This new payoneer account was with my details and I added this account to my new fiverr account.

After few days new payoneer account was blocked saying that I have another payoneer account(Which I used years back). (Now I have logged in with the old one). I wanted to disassociate blocked payoneer account from fiverr. But they didn't allow it. I asked payoneer to do it, but they instead suggested me to merge the account. But before merging I want to know following things (I didn't get answers from payoneer customer care)

1. Do I get to use the email address of my blocked account even after I merge?
2. Fiverr doesn't allow a single payoneer account for multiple fiverr account. Since my original payoneer account already has an associated fiverr account, will my new fiverr account gets any effect?

I really want to get my money. But due to this issue I'm helpless. Someone please help.
Thank you.

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