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Payoneer Inconvenience, when you get blocked. (Must Read)


Payoneer has blocked my card on Dec 15, 2015 (almost 8 months ago by now). Since that time I registered 9 support tickets. None of their replies led to any particular help.

They did not even care to send an email to let me know they have blocked my card. I was abroad and tried to checked with my card for hotel room and then !bang! - the card did not work...

I have $7406.50 on my card and I'm confident they just try to steal this money from me. Besides, they used my money themselves, unlawfully preventing me from accessing MY OWN funds. I was killed by "undisclosed reason" they refer to.

I think their replies clearly demonstrate intentions to steal the money without any explanations:

Reference Number: 160718-005266
Customer ID: 9116324
Dear Yuri Lobanov,

Response (07/24/2016 08:49 AM)
This account will remain closed for undisclosed reasons ,
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

P.S. Stealing $7406.50 they call "inconvenience"...

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