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First card didn't arrive, order via DHL no response

edza Member Posts: 7
Hi, my first card didn't arrive more than two weeks after the estimated time. I have ordered the second one but since I'm afraid it will stuck into the same problem, I decided to order a third card via DHL but didnt get any response from the cust help for almost 3 days. Also, I want to change my preferred payment method from prepaid card to bank withdrawal. Is it possible? Because when I tried to withdraw my balance to bank, it said that I have to activate my card.

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  • edza
    edza Member Posts: 7
    Answer ✓
    Solved. The balance in the second card has been moved to the first card after two hours. I have successfully withdrawn my money at local ATM. Thank you for your great support!


  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 1,147

    When the card is ordered via DHL, there is a tracking numbers provided by DHL with which you can monitor your shipment and the card arrives to you in between 4-7 business days.

    Regarding the withdrawal of your funds, it is right, your card needs to be activated in order to withdraw the funds to your bank account, but you can also switch your method of payment from the card to the bank transfer and receive your funds to your bank account. Some companies can change their method of payment from their online account with their companies and for some it is done through Payoneer Support.

  • edza
    edza Member Posts: 7
    I have just received my first card today. Unfortunately, I have
    ordered the second card two weeks ago. Instead of changing my payment
    method via bank transfer, can you help unblock/activate my first card?
    Thanks in advance.
  • edza
    edza Member Posts: 7
    I have successfully activated my first card and my second card was cancelled. But now my balance which was moved to the second card when I ordered it two weeks ago was gone, become zero. And the balance in my first card too was zero. Will my balance be reinstated and re-associated with my first card?
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 1,147

    When the new card is activated, the funds and all the activities on the old card are moved to the new card.

  • fct_payoneer
    fct_payoneer Member Posts: 1

    I ordered my card last 2016, and its 2018 no card is showing.

    I have changed my address, and decided to give payoneer another chance by logging in once more on my account.

    Now, I changed my new address, but I cant find how to delete the cards that did not arrive. I was planning to order a new one with my new address.

    I received AUTO EMAILS!

    None of them even come close to the solution of my PROBLEM.

    I just requested to cancel my PAYOONER ACCOUNT.

    My message to Payooner, if you cant do it, then DON'T SAY YOU CAN DO IT.
  • WAJIHA10
    WAJIHA10 Member Posts: 4
    The tracking code for my card does not work Please help and I can not track my card (RS063136659DE)