I need the Bank City / State of First Century Bank to Freelancer.com

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I want to add mi Payoneer Bank Account to Freelancer.com but they ask me the Bank City/ State. Please if someone have information. Thanks in advance


  • Will_PayoneerWill_Payoneer Posts: 202Administrator ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Payoneer offers the Global Payment Service, which are details that work as a bank account so you can receive funds to your Payoneer account from companies such as Freelancer.com.

    For any further information regarding the Global Payment Service, please submit a ticket with Payoneer Support via the link provided below.

  • bromokunbromokun Posts: 1Member
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    Hi, I also required the city name for First Century Bank to fill direct deposit from clickbank to my Payoneer account,
    Your answer is not giving any clue...
  • Abdullah_alahmady1Abdullah_alahmady1 Posts: 4Confirm Email, Member
    me too, I need First Century Bank city name to Payment Information in Clickbank
  • makecashmakecash Posts: 1Member
    Hellow, anyone here from Payoneer? I am also having the same problem to add payoneer account details in clickbank. I could not see any bank city in payoneer account, but the clickbank is asking me to put the "Bank City". Where can i find that "bank city" in payoneer account?
  • arworld089arworld089 Posts: 3Member
    why payoneer useful
  • Programmer5Programmer5 Posts: 2Member
    looking for same, why submit a ticket? why not just make this information public?
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