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Feedback for Payoneer

Mark_Delta Member Posts: 7
edited June 2017 in Ask The Community
So I found myself needing this service, being a freelancer and all. That's all good.
MasterCard arrives fast, everything is good, no fee charge for POS transactions etc.

Few days later I'm in need of money asap, and I was so short on it that I couldn't even pay for the fast load. So I load it the slower way to save more. It was some smaller amount, needed to pay the dentist.

So the money gets loaded and Payoneer swoops in and takes 30$. No warning (don't hide behind ToS, we all know that ToS was last read by the lawyer who created it). And now here I am cashless and to be honest kinda pi**ed off.

I'm not avoiding paying, I would just like to have an option to pay monthly, or to pay AT THE END of the year, paying annual fee for something that I might not use more then 3 months is honestly a bad move.

And yeah - does any bank charge 1 year in front?! as a guy who went through a lot of them I've never once had that problem.

I don't know, maybe I'm just looking at it the wrong way, but giving the option to your clients to pay WHEN THEY WANT seems a better option then lurking for an account activity and just taking 30$ as soon as you see them.

So after this, thanks payoneer for trying, but you're kinda ...well


  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 179
    edited June 2017
    Thank you for your feed back. Like any local or online service, the fees will be visible in advance. If you are unable to find it or if you have questions prior to applying, most people ask before committing to the service.

    The fee's associated to Payoneer's service are pretty straight forward. You can find these fees on Payoneer website ( before applying and also in your Payoneer account after applying.

    The only time the fee structure will be different for the Payoneer card account is if your account was registered through a website that facilitates their mass payouts through our website. In this instance the fees for this card service will be in the terms of agreement with the company that works with Payoneer.

    If you have other questions regarding the fee's, contact Payoneer Support for further assistance.