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Can i receive 200$ on my payoneer account from another payoneer user on my first transacition?

Tough_taiga Member Posts: 1
please i want to receive some funds from another payoneer user, which amounts to about 200$, and this would be my first transaction via this payoneer account. But i am bothered because right beneath my account information, i have the highlighted notification below. and it says i can't receive transfers from individuals, but only from company accounts owned by me. i want to be clear on this so i don't run into problems while making my transaction.

</b> Please Note!
Only ACH (US local bank) transfers in USD can be accepted
Transfers must be made from a company account
Transfers from individuals will be automatically rejected
Wire transfers are not supported
Transfers made from a company account owned by you cannot be accepted </b>


  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 1,147

    It can be that you are looking at the option to send a payment request and that your account is only able to request payouts received via the Global Payment Service however, the option to Make or receive a payout via "Make a Payment" is located in a different section.

    Generally, the option to receive funds is available for everyone that signs up for an account but to send a payment, Payoneer does require its users to achieve some activity in receiving payments before this option can be enabled.