Will Apple Pay be available for Payoneer cards?

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My Payoneer card is issued by Wirecard. And Wirecard bank is supported by Apple Pay it's been a while. Can we expect the Apple Pay support from Payoneer?

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    Hi @JMS,

    Please let us know if you had questions or concerns related to this topic. We're glad to assist any way we can.


  • alexhippiealexhippie Posts: 2Member
    It says

    “Your Issuer Does Not Yet Offer Support for This Card”
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    @alexhippie We do not quite understand your question if you can please elaborate

  • alexhippiealexhippie Posts: 2Member
    @morga when you're making an attempt to add Wirecard's Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard in Apple Wallet app, i.e to be able use it with Apple Pay it says “Your Issuer Does Not Yet Offer Support for This Card”, which means that the bank blocks the procedure.

    See the screenshot here: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/CoUFYIr0r4-siX0TW5ZnuAz8s6urwWkYtpLtXh-5KXkx9ZQNK0JRsgvlp2dUhRdlf0lSrqX4F6NmvZN21KQCx6K3lQR1hhV6uRsrONcEMoCObWL7OmYwz9qjnUpM_f-Ktqbc0IYVAxspHOMYHgw_b-U9Qz6NbOuFj005vt--HtzinjthqF2pZzSj8EKoziTs1z8nkxpoGrFip4y087r-WdQPKl0tCa83xzSsgkhNBUH2IuP-yqFrAWLp03if4ms6dbUL3HEYaIf_zjzQoxGU-eRM-gCVqeeiudVLgD_ZwF04fb3kJIbgeyZY87cvvI28LY2KNcVeLLfHZg54RdWjGeXr0xBiu_lno6DFDxzsvv5MD-HFOb2O9CeTwAt5f_Ip224Nh5r48BbwBugiV7Q6UkvtrPfbsGmiqu20STWwxfedMY0KXlrfppr_Pu62H0zQ-3jtSGQYPLUX3tPqB0AlYO4mxmKYg-06T01qsTbcLpWh_SiujYMlqFz3r1lPYxoZ4ahq2-Xt53dcpx7x1O0M8duSw4NiMZPPblzU1pveKYSkuh6rKotjyTFSgEWkP_HzW_THPU1HYtiR_Mza4Me0i3sw1Wpk-bZnuj-HvQu2eCP5awy2c_4eMrvll3b3_-h1Q-SSXmTFovkSlgwyOF_sAqDEwOHJ5o7bhG4G4eFr0WlBaYv-=w1242-h699-no

    Sorry for the unclarity in the previous comment

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    @alexhippie Thanks for the input!

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