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Why is my card issued from "a UK Bank"? I dont live there.

As the new tax law of UK, DigitalOcean is deducing 3$ extra from my Payoneer MasterCard as UK TAX. I live in Bangladesh; an Asian country. After making a support ticket, Digitalocean replied to me this, "Currently the taxation location is determined via the most recent payment, which is the Payoneer card issued by a UK bank. Sadly, we are not able to change that, as the payment causes the system to automatically update the location. As such, you would have to process a payment from the new location you are in for the system to update the location. I am sorry for any issues this might present to you. "
I do not know why I have to pay unnecessery tax to UK govt when both Payoneer and DigitalOcean are American company and I live in a little country of South Asia