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YET another Payoneer payment goes missing!!

parth1 Member Posts: 3
I had opened my account with Payoneer a month or so back and was really happy with everything. The first few transactions were smooth and took two days tops to show up in my bank account.

Then, things started getting weird. I received two payments in June, one on the 20th and the other on the 22nd, both of which were transferred the same day. A week went by and I saw nothing, however, since there was a national holiday on the 26th (Eid), I thought that was why it was taking so long.

Now over three weeks have passed and still, no joy. I have gotten in touch with Payoneer support twice during this time. The first time around, they sent my two receipts, one each for both the transfers claiming they had done their part. However, when I took them to my bank branch, I was told the receipts were useless as they did not have the Unique Transaction Reference (UTR) number that was required to trace funds being transferred locally. The branch manager still pushed my inquiry up the chain to the main branch, but apparently, HDFC received no payments of the sort I was claiming.

I reached out to Payoneer support again and this time they transferred my inquiry to the financial department. It’s been one week since that happened and I still see nothing. Furthermore, I know there is nothing wrong with my bank as I got a payment via Paypal just today which was processed and loaded in less than one day.

Going by the number of similar issues I have seen on both this and other forums, this issue seems to be a systemic problem with Payoneer. It’s hard to imagine how the company intends to stay in the market if it is going to screw up its most basic function.

I will really appreciate any insights on the matter here.