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ID and Payments

Mark_Delta Member Posts: 7
Is there a particular reason I need to play 21 questions each time I'm getting paid by the same person?
And do you people know what CRM is, maybe Google it and stop asking for my ID every time I get money?!

I'm discussed by this service. Client care is non existent, payment service can be improved 10x at least, support is non existent also.

You're very disorganized and you are not focused on clients. You rush to take your annual fee, but everything else is slow or not happening, or so disorganized I still wonder how do you call yourself a company.

I'm switching to Neteller. And where do I get a refund for the annual fee since only thing I'll do with Payoneer annually is use it as a measurement for a disaster?

Ciao adios, I'm done.