Incoming funds from Paypal

Hi all!!
I ve been using Paypal from 2007 and Payoneer from 2015.
I got several transfers from PP to my Payoneer EU bank account.
This months payment was the largest ever i got from my online affiliate programs. So i transfered all thw amount to my Payoneer EU account in order to get the cash with my EU Payoneer Mastercard as i do every month.
But this time things went wrong i guess.
Payoneer desided to froze it an emailed me asking several things about my Paypal (mostly) account.
I sent all the screenshots and data i could.
Is there a way to work arrount this issue or my money is lost ???
Any help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • periergosperiergos Posts: 2Member
    Solved!!! Thanks Payoneer!!!!! thanks Ann !!
  • daniyal876daniyal876 Posts: 2Member
    Hi i need information about same issue.

    my screenshot is showing only my personal money which my family and friends send me does they approve this as well?
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