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Payoneer is SCAMMING my money

sajibakash Member Posts: 2
On July 4, I withdrew $105 from my Payoneer USD balance to a local bank account. The amount has been debited from my Payoneer account but has not been credited to my local bank account. But from then my Payoneer account is showing "Your USD Balance has been disabled". I contacted support and they told me to send ID. I sent them and since then my account is under review. I contacted via live chat multiple times and they replied with their memorized answer: "Sorry, since your account is being reviewed, we cannot access it. Our relevant department is checking this issue and you will get an email with instructions". When I asked about the debited $105, they said that the transaction could not complete and I will get an email for this too once the review is done. On July 11, on the live chat. I was informed that a representative has been assigned to my case and I will receive an update in 48 hours. But I did not get any update in the next 5 days. So I contacted via live chat again on July 17 and to my utter surprise, the support person tried to repeat the same "account being reviewed" message again. When I informed her about the 48 hours timeline provided by the previous support person, she told me that she is checking the matter. After 15 minutes, she replied that the previous support person had made a mistake and this time, she has referred this to her supervisor and I would get a message soon. Since then I have not got any email from them. Today I found that my account has been blocked!

So is it a way of Payoneer to scam people of their money? what happens to the $105 I withdrew which never reached my local bank account?