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Account locked and Payoneer Not answering my emails

sajjadsaeed Member Posts: 3
edited July 2017 in Payoneer in Pakistan
Hi every one

My name is sajjad m working for <a href=""></a> and recently my account has been locked due to wrong password entry and its still locked

m emailing but they are not answering form 15 days i have up to 200 Pounds in my account what to Do any help


Best Answers

  • SAJED323
    SAJED323 Member Posts: 3
    Answer ✓
    In that case, we suggest you delete the cookies and change the browser.
    If after that, you are still not receiving the reset password email, then we recommend you to contact Payoneer Customer Support for further assistance.
  • sajjadsaeed
    sajjadsaeed Member Posts: 3
    Answer ✓
    Thanks sajed323 For reply :smile:

    yes i tried and got reset password email my account is 2 years old and i forgot my security questions i entered wrong answer then got locked m contacting but they are not replying me i have generated 3 email in last 15 days
  • sajjadsaeed
    sajjadsaeed Member Posts: 3
    Answer ✓
    Oh its amazing Got replayed from payoner after 15 days and posting in community and get back my account thanks


  • wassiikk
    wassiikk Member Posts: 2
    Hello! I have a problem, please help! I sent a request for a new password, but the letter does not come! It answers only the computer to the mail) And when I ask for the password, there is no answer! I'm waiting for very help
  • haseebwarriach
    haseebwarriach Member Posts: 3
    i attached a new bank account to withdraw my amount, as i tried to withdraw my bank, system showed me some security Qs,although perhaps i registered answers of that 2 Qs but since these were asked me first time since my account created so i just forgotten that answers, i just guessed and tried but system blocks my account after 3 attempts,moreover i know my Answers was 80_90% correct but due to some minor mistake, i could not pass that
    So now plz
    1) let me allow to change my security Qs and their ans as i want so that i may avoid this problem next time
    2) how to unblock my account,what's due process? I even not able to have live chat with support!