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Make a payment

khaledalnamer Member Posts: 9
when i try to make a payment , it see before you make a payment you , you need to receive additional payment. But already my account has money . what is the problem ?


  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 176

    Hello, @ShumailaTabassum

    I am sorry to hear your frustration in the regards to availability of this specific service. The main purpose of our platform is to receive payments, not to send. The "Make A Payment" service is the additional service that we offer. It has no commission and it has certain requirements to be enabled. By default you are able to receive payments, however the option to send funds to other Payoneer users will be enabled automatically once you will become an active receiver.

    It is true, that you will need to be more active in receiving payments in order to start sending payments to other Payoneer users. Payments that qualify towards this activity include all payments received from companies that pay with Payoneer, the Billing Service, or the Global Payment Service. The first payment that you received was sent from another Payoneer user and such payments do not count towards the threshol, as such payment is done using funds which were already inside Payoneer system. In order to become an active receiver you need to receive payments from outside of Payoneer platform, using one of the services described above.

    The fastest way for you to have this service fully enabled is to receive more payments from companies that pay with Payoneer (for example from Upwork). You need just a few more payments in the amount that will be similar to your recent Upwork payout.

    We will appreciate your understanding

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    [Deleted User] Posts: 1,147

    We are responsible for the service, it is an additional beneficial and very practical function generally used to pay any Payoneer customer once you get eligible for it. We do require our customers to become active in receiving payments, but payments received from that same service do not unfortunately count toward the requirement. We are giving that service as secondary, we are a payment solution which primary service is to assist companies and freelancers in receiving cross-border payments.