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andrew80mandrew80m Member Posts: 1
My dear colleagues,

Since we all using Payoneer services, which are great, most of them, I would like to make an announcement in regards to one of their services.

Referral program, where the person who referred and the referral is promised $25 after completing the requirements it's not such a good service.

Recently I've referred the services to a friend who received a Payment via Credit Card Load and Customer Care support which is a bit difficult to reach, responded with delay telling me that if Credit Card Load is used, then both me and the referral we will receive the bonus in 3 months time.

I think this should be somewhere up front for everyone to know, not to find out after exchanging emails with customer support and thinking that they are unprofessional.

I strongly believe that if you as a Financial company can not provide what you promise in a timely manner, most likely this service will disappear.

Best regards,


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