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Problem "Processing Card Load"

VesnaN Member Posts: 5
A few months ago I had the same kind of problem and I waited since April 11 - May 5 !!!
I now again have a problem with "Processing Card Load"
I contacted live chat as well as support via email.
The email I sent on July 18 has not yet received an answer.
On live chat they told me that I was forwarded to the expert team.
And here I am waiting???
This is a big disappointment for me.
You should be more careful about the users.
Please, I want this to be resolved immediately.
This is not right.
You are officially refusing 3$ for each transaction and 29$ for annual sustainability.
So you pay me my money.


  • brankis
    brankis Member Posts: 3
    Unprofessional!!!!! I'm not sure it's legal to hold someone's money? Without the authority to do so .
  • VesnaN
    VesnaN Member Posts: 5
    My account was checked in April when the first problem arose.
    I sent them an ID for a review, and they said everything was fine.
    I still waited for almost a month. Is it too long?
    Now the same happens.
    I will not wait anymore.
    Does anyone need to pray this to be resolved?
    Does it work here like that?
    This is not serious.
  • brankis
    brankis Member Posts: 3
    I do not understand why they take $ 3 for a transaction if they do not do the job in time. Then why this billing. It is somebody's money that they should not hold on, and if something needs to be checked, it should work on opening the account. What further checks?
  • VesnaN
    VesnaN Member Posts: 5
    Will this be resolved?
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