Can't see order card button.

I have a payoneer account and my account is approved today but I can't see order card button...please tell me what happen...and how to solve this?


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    The default option for accessing the funds on Payoneer accounts is to withdraw to the local bank account. The option to order a USD card will become available in your account once you have earned your first $30.

  • AleyaBegum966
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    I need payoneer card how can I get this?
  • Surayaakter60
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    Hello Cristale_payoneer,
    ok i understood but If someone payoneer account holder send me 50$ then my order card option will show ?as soon as possible please reply.
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    @Surayaakter60 yes it will count and you will be able to order a card.

  • MdFahim
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    I did not get My Mastercard yet now,arrived date was pass 12th july 2017.How Can I Do?Please Advice me @Cristale_Payoneer .Thanks
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    @MdFahim Check out the FAQ guide to see how you can order a replacement card from your Payoneer account at no cost. Let us know if you require additional assistance.