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Working ATMs in Rawalpindi?

amq0001 Member Posts: 6
Asalam o alaikum,

Hope every one is fine and thriving.

Sorry for the long message, I'm new to this.

Any citizens of Rawalpindi here using Payoneer prepaid mastercard to withdraw from ATMs?

If so kindly tell me which ones are working, had a very frustrating experience 1st time withdrawing from my card.

Tried many branches of MCB, Faysal bank, Bank Alfalah all over the city, all gave various errors.

Tried Standard Charted and HBL too.

The areas included Adyala road, Lalkurti and Saddar.

On every try, i was selecting 'Current' and then " Other Amount" Rs.20,000.

Most atms gave the following error (or a similar one):

"Unable to perform transaction, could not verify the card"


"Unable to perform transaction, host status unknown"

Some atms, especially MCB and Alfalah ones showed just a blue screen with a 4 digit code written on top left ending with "\" with no commands or buttons/options.

This was after selecting 'Current' and then " Other Amount" Rs.20,000.

Got my card stuck in one of the atms after 2nd try, asked the manager to help but he said forget about this card, as per State bank policy they can't return it to me, instead they have to send it to hq etc?

Anyway after showing some stubbornness, sanity prevailed and they gave me back my card.

But i still have to withdraw around rs.40,000 immediately, i will try some atms in Islamabad perhaps.

If there are no working atms in pindi, any recommendations for Islamabad?

I contacted supports of all atm, most said there should not be any problem, they blamed payoneer.

The payoneer support says it's the Pakistani atms fault.

I'm kind of in a bind.

Is there any way to send money from my payoneer account directly to another person? Such as to his bank?

Recent Exchange rate fees?

Any hidden fees?

Is the best method to withdraw is ultimately local bank?

If so which type of account is needed?