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I withdrew $50 to my local bank account. I got only $41. How is this possible???

I withdrew from my account for the first time, to test the fees.

Payoneer sent me a message saying that they sent $49. So they cut %2 as they claimed. But then when I checked my account 3-4 days later, it was only $41.

This is outrageous!!!

I'm selling goods online and my profit is %15-20. Now, somehow I was cut %20 while getting my money from payoneer. Which leaves me with nada, after 1 months of work.

Anyone knows what the heck is going on?? Can anyone from Payoneer support describe what is happening?

I'm from Turkey btw.


  • Howard S
    Howard S Member Posts: 52 ✭✭

    Hey Makuzey,

    You should check your bank to see if they charge you for receiving wire transfers, my bank charges about $28-$30 to receive depending on exchange rate.