How do I put funds in my newly opened Payooner account

saranetisaraneti Member Posts: 8
Hie, I recently applied for a Payooner account, now how do I put funds in my account and order the Payooner mastercard the Order Card is still deactivated....

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  • saranetisaraneti Member Posts: 8
    The Payooner Order Card button is disabled. How do I order the card i thought maybe the button is disabled since the balance is $0.00
  • saranetisaraneti Member Posts: 8
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    How do I receive my first payment for me to order the card.
  • saranetisaraneti Member Posts: 8
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    Have been running a local business and have on clients who I can receive payment from. How best can you help me receive payments so i can order the payooner debit card since the option is still deactivated on my account. can I cash-in hardcash so you can use it to order the mastercard

    also tried referring friends on facebook so that i might receive the referral fee but seems nodody signed up.
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