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Is there any cryptocurrency exchange where they support payoneer mastercard? Not P2P websites like paxful or localbitcoins but buy/sell exchanges. stopped supported payoneer card and my card was declined.

Cryptocurrencies seems like good investment opportunity. It would be great if anyone knows any exchange that support payoneer services.



  • acermezacermez Posts: 1Member
    +1 for this feature, Payoneer should partner with some good known crypto exchange platform such as so we can deposit/withdraw money.
  • IvanPrIvanPr Posts: 2Member
    The Payoneer card does not work with because
    Payoneer blocks transactions to CEX.IO. That is why we are technically not able to accept current payment card - replied.
  • SangaySangay Posts: 5Member
    Can we do transfer to Payoneer account using IBAN from Kraken?
  • SangaySangay Posts: 5Member
    I mean can we transfer from Kraken using the IBAN provided by Payoneer
  • EugeneHuntEugeneHunt Posts: 2Member
    edited January 2018
    Interested in the same question.

    Can I use bank details from Payoneer Global Payment Service to sell bitcoins/ether on any cryptocurrency exchange to receive payment in USD?

    I am sure that adding an option to trade in cryptocurrencies for users is a win-win situation: Payoneer gets more exposure, clicks, and finally more registrations as this is a high demand and popular topic nowadays. Even if people are not freelancers having nice jobs and everything settled with their payment methods, they will register with Payoneer to have this option. Some bank accounts/bank cards get blocked by banks after receiving proceeds from sale of cryptocurrencies and Payoneer can fill in this niche by offering a workable service.

    It is a great business opportunity for everyone. I very much hope Payoneer will meet this demand and uses the opportunity for itself. Finally, it is the users of the service (not Payoneer) who want to deal with cryptocurrencies, it is not poker, gambling or something, it is future, so what the point of waiting until competitors use this opportunity? Please help :-)
  • ermiraldermirald Posts: 2Member
    Cryptocurrencies ara not allowed in payoneer even that is bot written anywhere. my global payment service was dissabled only because i bought bitcoins using my card.
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