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Approving bank account information

Mohamed_Khaled Member Posts: 14 ✭✭

First of all, i have contacted support center about this from 3 days and nobody answered till now, so i asked here.

In 21 August, i have added my bank details on my payoneer account in order to withdraw money, after one hour i have received a message says "Your bank account ending with 01** has been approved. You can now withdraw funds from your Payoneer account directly to your bank account."

After one hour later i have received another message says that i have provided details for a bank account that not with my name and asked for complete short form, i completed it, then no any messages received until now.

I'm sure that this is my bank account and i have funds which i want to transfer to my payoneer account then withdraw it to my bank account.

Can you help me approving my bank details in order to prevent any delays in withdrawing money ?

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  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 76
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  • Mohamed_Khaled
    Mohamed_Khaled Member Posts: 14 ✭✭
    Well, i have just received a message says that my account now approved, thanks a lot.

    But i have another question :

    I applied for Payoneer Debit Card but i didn't activate it yet, because actually i will withdraw my funds with my local bank account , so i don't need the Card for now.

    The Question is : Well Payoneer deduct 30$ fees once i receive funds on my account "more than 30$" ? or i should activate the card first then fees will be deducted ?
  • irishjane
    irishjane Member Posts: 3
    Hi @Adam_Payoneer ,
    Regarding this:

    " The $29.95 annual fee only applies when the card is active. If you do not plan to use the card, I would advise that you do not activate it. The benefit of utilizing our service without the card is that the service will be more cost efficient in the long run."

    I have a card (which I did not intentionally ordered). I did not activate it yet.

    I also have an approved bank account linked to my Payoneer. However, everytime I click the "Withdraw to bank" it would redirect me to a page with a message: "You must activate your card in order to perform this operation." Is there a possibility of requesting the Support Team to directly link my withdrawal to my bank, instead of having my card activated? I do not want to activate it because of a lot of fees associated when using it.
  • Hey @irishjane

    It seems as though you have an account in which the withdrawal option works if the card is active. To request to change this, please contact the Payoneer support team directly