Trying to order card and receive payment

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Have been running a local business and have on clients who I can receive payment from. How best can you help me receive payments so i can order the payooner debit card since the option is still deactivated on my account. can I cash-in hardcash so you can use it to order the mastercard

also tried referring friends on facebook so that i might receive the referral fee but seems nodody signed up.


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    I'm a construction worker, I also sell landed properties, what happens if an individual decides to make payment to me into any of my payoneer global accounts, because it states that individual or wire transfer is not accepted, so how do I get pay from individuals I've worked for from my country of residence?
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    How do i get Paymenets Individuals who re not in the same country with me?
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    I don't have any international companies that I am connected to or that I work with. I only have local companies in Zimbabwe that I operate with. This process of not recharging your own account and only receiving from companies is very complicated.. Please please need a working solution.

    Cant I recharge the local bank account I registered with Payooner so that I can Order the Card...

    The reason I want Payooner is I want to start an internet business which only pays through Paypal of which Payooner was the best recommendation for receiving Paypal. But the only challenge is ordering my Payooner mastercard is getting harder by the day..
  • saranetisaraneti Member Posts: 8
    Had I not wanted this card and account I wouldn't have bothered to be patient for so long.... please please help.
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    How to order Payoneer Card? Because the order menu does not appear on the main page of my account!
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    :p Gladly have found a local bank thats accepts PayPal, Payooner has had the worst customer service for the past three weeks. so whats left for me is to just deactivate the account I created. Hopefully it wont be worse than your services.
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