When will I get my card?

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    I await of my account review confirmation in 3 working days, how soon can I get payoneer master card after account review confirmation
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    Hi @Wafunicus

    It takes up to 7 days to approve newly submitted applications. Once your account has been approved, you will be able to start receiving payments through Payoneer which can be withdrawn to your local bank account or accessed via a reloadable prepaid card that can be ordered from your online access.

    Happy and willing to answer general questions.

    For any inquiries directly associated to your Payoneer account, please contact Payoneer's Customer Care Support Center.

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    Please can you create room for people to exchange their funds with Bitcoin and other Fiat currencies like USD, GBP, EURO, YUAN. i.e if I have USD fund, I should be able to exchage to Bitcoin, GBP, EURO, or YUAN to purchase goods and services overseas.


    Payoneer is doing a great Job!
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