US City Bank transfer through Global Payment Services to my USD RECEIVING ACCOUNT in Payoneer

DilipheroDiliphero Member Posts: 2
Does anyone have the experience receiving fees as electronic transfers from US City Bank electronic transfer through Global Payment Services to USD RECEIVING ACCOUNT in Payoneer?
Previously I used to receive my payments to Payoneer through payment requests and my client used to pay me through e checks and I was receiving funds without any hassle. My client did not want to issue checks anymore as a company policy and asked me if I could open a bank account in the US so that he could transfer funds directly to my account without issuing checks. I gave him the account details Payoneer has provided and he transferred the 1st payment on last Tuesday and I did not receive any messages that the payment has arrived in my Payoneer account yet.
Please let me know how long it takes a bank transfer to be cleared in my account and if there is anything else I should do.
I have a verified Payoneer account too.
Looking forward to seeing some help here.


  • DilipheroDiliphero Member Posts: 2
    Thank you all, I see the funds available in my account with the message reading "Payment waiting for approval".
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