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Fees for Cash Transactions

BGH Member Posts: 2
edited August 2017 in Freelancers
I just paid with Deutsche Bank 44 Euro Fees and with Commerzbank 24 Euro fees for taking out cash at their ATM.
If that is not criminal I dont know what is...
Europe is definitely not a good place to use this card, not in cash and not as Mastercard.
I recommend from my 2 years experience with Payoneer, not to use the card in Europe at all, to accumulate money if its possible and to transfer to bank account.
Its a useless card, given the horrendous fees and non-acceptance by many retailers.
I am aware that the card seems like a great invention but in fact its a tool to snitch people out of their little earnings as freelancers and to keep their shopping freedom limited by closing deals with predominantly large corporations that accept this card. Its against free economy, cash and freedom in general.