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I accidentally sent all my funds on Upwork to payoneer and Payoneer says they can't reverse it

monsefoster Member Posts: 2
edited September 2017 in Freelancers
Hello, today I was going to withdraw $200 to my payoneer account but upwork loaded the website wrong and instead of asking me how much I needed to transfer, it transferred everything. This isn't the first time it has happened, it happened to me once in April and Upwork told me to contact Payoneer to ask for a transaction reversal, which Payoneer kindly did. Today however, I was told it's impossible and it can't be done. The problem with this is that, I need to pay my tuition fees by a bank transfer and I need most part of the funds I accidentally sent back otherwise goodbye college. I added my bank account in USD to Payoneer but only the GBP and EUR funds appear, I contacted Payoneer and they said I couldn't use my card balance, only USD balance but I dont have it enabled.

Another solution they gave me was to, withdraw the money from a ATM and deposit it but here in Venezuela, banks don't work in USD, we have a shortage for cash and my bank is in Panama, see the problem? I need a solution for this so I don't lose my chance to attend post-grad university this year otherwise, I will have to wait a full year to apply again.