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Payoneer blocked my account here is why

So a couple month's back i opened a regular payoneer account for my payments. I register and verify my account with my documents.

Then one day i noticed if I order card from market place I can get the payoneer card in a cheap rate.

Since I am a student so I communicate with the payoneer support and tell them about it that I want to order a card from marketplace.

They told me they are looking into it.

After couple of days later they emailed me that they closed my current account and told me to re-open a new account from the market place with another email address.

I replied to them that I already have an account why you tell me to re-open a new account ? Is that okay ? I wanted to en sure the process since I know payoneer only allow only one account.

But they reply that its okay and it's the only way to go with market place card fee $5 one time payment. They confirm me that it will not affect the verification process since my main account has been closed by them.

So I re-opened a payoneer account with my same documents (Since current one closed).

And then they closed both my accounts and saying that i violate their rules.

I contacted through Chat / Email and they say again again that account closed and I will never be able to use the service again.

I send them the screenshot that payoneer team told me to open a new account. But they don't answer and not even investigate the issue.

I know they flag me as a fraud. But I can ensure I never violate a single rules of them. I only receive payments from market place and simply transfer the money to my local bank that's all. And that was my only account.

That's the story. I hope payoneer will investigate the issue and I can confirm that there's nothing else going on.

I don't know where to communicate. I tried all things. Can anyone help me in this matter ?